Achieving optimal fuel economy with self-driving cars Feb. 1

Energy & Environment Series Feb. 1

The desire for self-driving capabilities has fostered new sensor and computer system usage in modern vehicles. At the same time, the global need to increase fuel economy (for economic, environmental, and human health reasons) has fostered incorporation of electric power in modern vehicles. This presentation will discuss how these self-driving and electric power trends can be leveraged to achieve optimal fuel economy from vehicle control. Current research addressing optimal fuel economy from vehicle control will be presented as well as future research needs for realization in vehicles.

Ph.D. candidate Zachary Asher will be presenting “Reducing Energy Consumption with Self-Driving Vehicle Technology” Feb. 1 from 1-2 p.m. as part of the Energy & Environment Seminar Series sponsored by the Energy Institute. All seminars are hosted at the Powerhouse Energy Campus, 430 N College Avenue, in Powerhouse Classroom 104. Seminars are FREE and open to the public.