Department of Atmospheric Science celebrates State Climatologist Nolan Doesken’s retirement

Former Department of Atmospheric Science members and National Weather Service employees joined the department and Colorado Climate Center to celebrate Nolan Doesken’s 40 years of service to CSU, 11 of those as Colorado’s State Climatologist. Department Head Jeff Collett recognized Doesken for his dedication and passion for climatology, and guests shared memories of everything from recording the coldest day in Colorado to Doesken’s basketball prowess.

Doesken’s impact as State Climatologist was lauded on local, state and national levels. The American Association of State Climatologists wrote a letter of thanks to Doesken that was read by Becky Bolinger. Taryn Finnessey from the Colorado Water Conservation Board read a letter from Gov. John Hickenlooper, thanking Doesken for his service and expertise in helping to craft a leading drought mitigation plan. Climate Center staff, who applauded Doesken for being a wonderful boss, presented him with a home weather station, and a representative of the National Weather Service gave him a snow measuring stick.

Doesken thanked Professor Emeritus and former State Climatologist Tom McKee and others who were not in attendance for hiring him for the position of Assistant State Climatologist, even though, he claimed, he was “not qualified.” Doesken said the job description called for five years of mountain meteorology experience, and he had about 19 days experience in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Though his love for weather may have started in his home state of Illinois, Doesken has made a name for himself and deep connections in Colorado, where he has long been known as the state’s top authority on weather and climate.