E-Days 2022: Wastewater solutions, electric skateboard and more take top prizes

Highlights from E-Days 2022. Video by Russ Dickerson.
Photos by John Eisele.

The Lory Student Center plaza and ballroom were abuzz April 22 for E-Days, the annual senior design celebration for engineering students. One of the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering’s signature spring events, E-Days gives graduating seniors a chance to publicly showcase their projects while engaging with community, industry and prospective students.

student on steel bridge

E-Days prize winners

A handful of student project teams came away with top honors from E-Days 2022.

Biomedical Engineering

  • 1st – Expandable Sheath for Minimally Invasive Gallstone Removal
  • 2nd – SnifTek
  • 3rd – Compression Inserts for the Quatro Socket

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • 1st – Ram Wastewater Solutions
  • 2nd – Green & Gold Inc.
  • 3rd – Topo Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • 1st – Regenerative Braking Electric Skateboard
  • 2nd – Electric GoKart
  • 3rd – Emulation of Aerospace Actuation Systems

Mechanical Engineering

  • 1st – NASA Robotic Mining
  • 2nd – Prosthesis for Quadruple Amputee
  • 3rd – Motorbike Swingarm Guards

Mechanical Engineering Research Practicum

  • 1st – Nick Katsampes
  • 2nd – Brady Hine
  • 3rd – Jenna Stubbers
students point to wastewater solutions poster
student with Varistroke poster
student rocket team on the Lory Student Center plaza