Electrical and Computer Engineering seminar series begins October 3

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Colorado State University will kick off a new seminar series on October 3 to highlight current and emerging research topics in the field. Leading experts will speak on an array of subjects, from robotics to cybersecurity.

The series is a collaboration with the Department of Computer Science and CSU’s Information Science and Technology Center, or ISTeC. The events are open to all faculty, staff, and students.

Fall 2022 Speaker Lineup:

October 3, 11am-12pm
Location: Computer Science Building 130
Speaker: Deep Samal, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Subject: “Closed Loop Perception for Safety-aware Autonomous Systems”

October 14, CANCELLED 
Speaker: Shaahin Angizi, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Subject: “Towards Energy-Efficient Domain-Specific In-Sensor and In-Memory Accelerators, From Device to Algorithm”

October 17, 11am-12pm
Speaker: Viktor Prasanna, USC — ISTeC Distinguished Lecture
Subject: “FPGA Accelerators in the Cloud”

October 18, 10am-11am
LSC 324
Speaker: Viktor Prasanna, USC
Subject: “Accelerating Graph Neural Networks”

October 24, 11am-12pm
Speaker: Mani Srivastava, UCLA — ISTeC Distinguished Lecture
Subject: “Security, Privacy, and Trust Challenges in AI-enabled Cyber-Physical Systems”

October 24, 2pm-3pm (note the revised time)
LSC 300
Speaker: Mani Srivastava, UCLA
Subject: “Neuro-symbolic Architectures for Complex Event Processing in the Internet of Things”

November 7, 11am-12pm
Location: TBD
Speaker: Iris Bahar, Colorado School of Mines — ISTeC Distinguished Lecture
Subject: “Robots are Coming”

November 7, 3pm-4pm
LSC 324
Speaker: Iris Bahar, Colorado School of Mines
Subject: “A Reconfigurable Hardware Library to Enable Real-time Energy-efficient Robot Scene Perception”