Emeritus civil engineering professor helps college students with second book

For years, Richard Gutkowski committed himself to teaching and helping civil engineering students hone their technical talents before they launched into professional careers. College can be a financial burden for many and Gutkowski helped ease this burden by providing jobs, internships and graduate assistantships to students.

Richard Gutkowski
Richard Gutkowski

Now retired, he has taken a side-step from civil engineering to continue to help them financially, but in a different way. He undertook writing a book series on debt management. His purpose is to present the topics using everyday life viewpoints and experiences.

Book two

DEBT is a Four-Letter Word, But it Need Not Be! The CAR FINANCING EXPERIENCE is the second book in the series. The prior book, DEBT is a Four-Letter Word, But it Need Not Be! THE COLLEGE EXPERIENCE, deals with issues he saw many students struggling with: student loans and credit cards. Comprised of 14 Lessons, the book covers 35 realistic Situations and 38 practical Exercises.