Engineering student Michelle Hefner interviews Dean David McLean

Late this summer, engineering student Michelle Hefner sat down with David McLean, Dean of the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering, to explore his work and ideas about the new semester.

Hefner, a student in biomedical engineering and chemical and biological engineering and President of the CSU chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, asked a broad range of questions. Those included the college’s diversity efforts, working with students and industry, and the watershed moments of his work as dean.

Watch the full interview above, or skip to the chapters listed below:

00:00 – Introductions
00:25 – What’s something you’d want any student in our college to know?
01:02 – What your watershed moments as dean?
02:40 – What are you proud of that prospective students should know?
03:43 – What are the college’s new efforts regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion?
05:29 – How do you bridge the gap between academia and industry?
06:44 – What were your challenges as an undergrad student?
07:54 – What does it mean to be a successful student in the college?
08:39 – What does it mean to be successful after graduation?
09:24 – Has what it means to be dean changed since you started?
10:03 – What is your vision for the college five years from now?
11:17 – What song always makes you drop what you’re doing and dance?