IEEE-HKN induction ceremony recognizes student excellence in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Photo: students and faculty listen to a speaker at the IEEE-HKN induction ceremony.
IEEE-HKN President Naser Moin (far right) led the induction ceremony to recognize top juniors and seniors in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Professor Carmen Menoni (standing) is the faculty advisor for the CSU chapter.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Colorado State University recently inducted its newest class of student leaders into IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu, or IEEE-HKN, the honor society of the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

IEEE-HKN recognizes “academic excellence, impeccable character, and the positive attitude needed to lead and serve others,” according to the organization’s website. This year’s inductees are ECE juniors and seniors in the top 33% of their class.

“It is an honor to be part of this annual event, which recognizes excellence in our students, as well as the contributions of the giants in our field: Maxwell, Bardeen, Edison, and many others,” said IEEE-HKN faculty advisor Carmen Menoni, University Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Stewards of the profession

The future relies heavily on experts in Electrical and Computer Engineering to address global challenges related to society, technology, and the environment. The discipline drives innovation, yet prospective students often have a limited sense of what electrical and computer engineers actually do.

Members of IEEE-HKN want to change that.

Guided by Menoni, who brings years of leadership experience in IEEE, a primary goal of the student chapter is to educate future students about the vast opportunities in ECE through outreach events and alumni engagement. IEEE-HKN also provides an avenue for students to develop their leadership skills and engage with the ECE professional community through its mentoring program.

“The HKN mentoring program helps students at all levels succeed in their coursework and build connections with engineering professionals,” said Naser Moin, president of CSU’s IEEE-HKN chapter. “It’s so rewarding to welcome some of the students we’ve mentored into our honor society.”

2022-2023 IEEE-HKN Officers

President: Naser Moin, computer engineering
Vice President: Gwyn Tari, computer engineering
Secretary: Drew Rackow, computer engineering
Student Outreach Coordinator: Zack Fox, electrical engineering
Treasurer: Isaac Reaves, computer engineering