Marilyn Wolf to speak on challenges in IoT security and autonomous vehicle perception

Portrait photograph of Marilyn Wolf
Dr. Marilyn Wolf, Director of the School of Computing and Elmer E. Koch Professor of Engineering at the University of Nebraska — Lincoln

Dr. Marilyn Wolf will offer two seminars on Monday, April 25th. The talks are sponsored cooperatively by the Information Science and Technology Center (ISTEC), the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and the Department of Computer Science.

The ISTeC Distinguished Lecture on “Safe and Secure Cyber-Physical and Internet-of-Things Systems,” will address the unique confluence of physical safety and information security concerns in IoT and other embodied physical computing devices critical across infrastructure, logistics and medical systems.

Later in the day, Dr. Wolf will speak on “Perception and Computational Efficiency for Autonomous Vehicles.” Autonomous vehicles, especially unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs, face conflicting requirements for fast, accurate, and computationally efficient perception capabilities. Specific strategies and limitations will be considered.

Dr. Wolf is the director and Elmer E. Koch Professor of Engineering at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln’s School of Computing. She is a fellow of the IEEE and ACM, with a background in embedded computing, computer vision, and VLSI systems.

For more information on Dr. Wolf and these seminars, download the flyer here.