Sudeep Pasricha honored by world’s largest computing society

Sudeep Pasricha receives the ACM SIGDA Distinguished Service Award
Sudeep Pasricha receives the ACM SIGDA Distinguished Service Award

Sudeep Pasricha’s work contributes to the smart thinking behind today’s smart technologies, from devices that fit in the palm of our hands to the systems that make autonomous cars a reality.

In appreciation of that commitment, the Association for Computing Machinery – the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society – has honored the Electrical and Computer Engineering professor with the Distinguished Service Award.

The honor recognizes Pasricha for a decade of extraordinary service to the association’s Special Interest Group on Design Automation, known as SIGDA, an organization committed to furthering the skills and knowledge of electronic design automation professionals and students throughout the world.

“This award not only speaks to Sudeep’s impact on the profession, but it exemplifies his commitment to CSU’s service mission,” said Department Head Tony Maciejewski.

Advancing electronic design and automation

Pasricha has earned a reputation for engaging students, scholars, and industry to advance the field of electronic design and automation – the backbone of our high-tech world.

“Every single high-tech company needs sophisticated electronic design automation tools to take the IT industry to the next level,” said Pasricha. “I am proud of my work to build a sense of community and bolster participation in this critical field.”

Besides doubling down on promotional activities over the past decade to foster engagement in the association’s work, Pasricha solicited funds and developed new programs to increase student involvement in international events such as CADathlon, Ph.D. Forum, and University Demo Competition.

“The current popularity of SIGDA initiatives owes a lot to Sudeep’s hard work and dedication over the years,” said Prof. Jörg Henkel, chair of Embedded Systems with the Department of Computer Science at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

As the director of the Embedded Systems and High Performance Computing (EPiC) Laboratory at CSU, Pasricha’s research cuts across disciplines, from systems engineering to computer science to health and human sciences. He was named a Monfort Professor in 2016, one of the University’s highest honors, and is the current recipient of the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering Rockwell-Anderson Professorship.