Technical knowledge plus work ethic: Kolbin Dahley

Kolbin Dahley

From your time at CSU, what are you most proud of?

In my time at CSU, I am most proud of my commitment to learning. I’ve undertaken a huge variety of subjects as a mechanical engineering major and have been able to excel in almost all of them.

Kolbin Dahley

Hometown: Castle Rock, Colorado

Major: Mechanical engineering

What’s been the hardest part?

The hardest part of my time here has been holding a job throughout my four years. It has been very rewarding, but working part-time on top of all of my studies has been challenging without a doubt.

What have you learned during the pandemic that you wouldn’t have otherwise?

I have definitely learned how difficult it can be to go extended periods of time without seeing friends and peers. It has made me appreciate the community I had in the first three years of the engineering department all the more.

Anyone in the college – faculty or staff – who made a difference in your life the past four years?

There have been so many positive influences on my time here, but I would say that Dr. [Sam] Bechara stands out in my memory. I took his class, numerical methods, my second semester here and it really set the tone for the expectations I would be held to for the rest of my time here.

What did the Scott Scholarship allow you to do that you couldn’t have done otherwise?

Perhaps obviously, the Scott Scholarship has allowed me to graduate with minimal debt. I am very thankful for the position I find myself in.

What have you learned as a Scott Scholar that prepares you for your next steps in life?

Besides all of the technical knowledge I have gained at my time here, I have worked harder to earn this degree than I have ever had to before. This work ethic will propel me in my career. I plan on starting a full-time position at Czero Inc. in the spring.